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ServiceNow is a software platform that supports IT service management and automates common business processes. This software as a service (SaaS) platform contains a number of modular applications that can vary by instance and user. .ServiceNow specializes in IT services management (ITSM), IT operations management (ITOM) and IT business management (ITBM).

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    Radical Technologies provides instructor-led ServiceNow training in Pune & Bangalore, India and provide hands-on experience to implement in the organization. This training covers the underlying architecture, technical components, implementation planning considerations and implementation tasks essential for a ITSM implementation project. Along with implementation tasks and details, this course provides a detailed overview of mandatory dependencies, enabling candidates to understand the entire scope of a ITSM implementation project.

    Through lecture, demonstrations, hands-on exercises, team activities, and classroom discussions, candidates gain an understanding of the scope of a ITSM implementation project, including: implementation tasks, ITIL/ ITSM processes, configuring the UI and out-of-box applications, setting up Self-Service, managing Service Catalog, managing Tickets (Request, Incidents, Change and Problem) along with Knowledge Base, setting up and maintaining users, adding CIs (Configuration Items) to the CMDB, customizing messages and prompts, using workflow, reports, BSM (Business Service Map) and email notifications, integrating with legacy systems, LDAP and external web-services, and running Mid server (Discovery), Monitoring business services through Service Mapping and store alerts/events inside Event Management, provide automation and DevOps using Orchestration

    ServiceNow Admin Syllabus

    A)   ServiceNow Admin Course Topics:
    Duration : 10 Class
    1) Core Configuration
             Configure Navigation, Search and UI Options
            Manage Lists, Filters, and Forms
            Home Page
            Activate Plugins
    2) User Administration
           Configure User Accounts
          Add Groups and Assign Users to Groups
          Assign Roles
    3) Manage Tables and Fields
          Learn How to Manage Data with Tables
          Creation of Tables and Fields
          Manage Form View
          Sections in a Form
    4) Manage Data with Import Set and Update Set
          Work with Import Sets
          Create and Apply Update Sets
    5) Process Application
         Work with Knowledge Base
         Create and Populate Service Catalog Items and Order Guide
    6) Core Application Administration
         Set up Email Notifications
         Learn about Upgrade Process and Release Cycle
         Implement Contextual Application Security
    7)Service Administration
        Create and Modify Reports
        Create and Apply SLAs
        Customize and Brand Your Instance
    8) Work Flow Basic
        Business Rules
        Client Script
        UI Action
        UI Policy
        Scheduled Jobs
        Workflow Script
    9) Service Catalog
    10) System Admin Certification Preparation
        Registering for Exam
        Admin Material Discussion
    B)   ServiceNow Advanced :
    Duration :   8 Class
    1) Scripting and APIs
         Client Side Scripting
             Client Script
             UI Policies Basic
             UI policies Scripting
             UI Script
             User Scripting
         Server Side Scripting
             Business Rule
             Script Include
             Server Side UI Action
             UI Actions advance
             UI Macro
    2) Scripting Advanced
             Scripting in Emails
            Workflow Scripting
    3) Cloning of System
    4) Platform Administration:
           Exporting Data using Transform Map
           Migration Using Update Sets (working with One or more update sets)
    5) CMDB
          Asset Management
         Application Security
    6) Integrations
       Scripted Web Service
    7) Service Catalog Advance
       Order Guide
    8) Installing and Managing MID Server
        Creating Applications
        Creating Modules
        Go-live preparation and checklist
        Performance and Coding best practices



    We help students in registering for certification exam, we use to provide dumps, every question from dump is discussed in detail.
    Mock exam is conducted to prepare for certification exam.
    Trainer is having 14 years of IT experience with all servicenow certifications and rich onsite and offshore experience.
    We have trainers who have rich IT experience and  strong technical background. We not only cover theory but practical also with very descriptive lab exercise and training material. Training is always given on latest version of Servicenow.
    Our Lab exercise are inspired from actual client implementation which explain the technology and its use.
    Students complete lab exercise in lab itself under trainer's supervision.
    Ample time is given in class to cover theory and practical part.
    Radical technology provides different job oriented training from its certified trainer, it is located in the center of city which makes it approachable from all part of city.
    Expert advice is given to students which help them in choosing the right course of their interest and expertise.
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