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HP QuickTest Professional (QTP), an automated functional testing tool that helps testers to perform automated regression testing in order to identify any gaps, errors/defects in contrary to the actual/desired results of the application under test. Radical Technologies  will give you an in-depth understanding on HP QuickTest Professional, its way of usage, record and play back of tests, object repository, actions, checkpoints, sync points, debugging, test results etc. and other related terminologies.

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    Trainer Profile : Having 10 years  experience in Testing (Manual and automation like QTP,QC). Working with MNC in Pune.

    Training Highlights: Trainings are tought with Real time  Scenarios & Assignments.

    Duration of Training : 5 weekends (30 hrs)

    Automation Testing 

    QTP /UFT Syllabus

    HP QuickTest Professional (QTP)/ Unified Functinal Testing(UFT)

    Introduction to VBScript 

    VBScript Introduction
    Data types

    Subtypes of Variant types

    Static and Dynamic Arrays
    Using ReDim
    Erase keyword
    Program      Flow

    Decision Making in Programs
    If    … Then … Else
    For  … Next
    Do … Loop
    For  … Each … Next
    While … Wend

    VB Script Functions

    Sub Procedures and Functions
    Arguments to Procedures
    Creating a Calling Function
    Basic Functions

    Input Box
    Function types

    Numeric functions
    Date and Time functions
    String functions
    Conversion functions
    Math functions
    Boolean functions

    File System Object
    Dictionary Object
    WSH object

    Introduction to QTP/ UFT

    Benefits  of Automation
    About QTP
    QTP testing process

    Introduction to QTP/ UFT

    New features in QTP 11.0
    Licenses and types
    Objects and Properties

    Review of Using QTP/ UFT

    Record and Playback
    Recording modes

    Standard Recording
    Analog Recording
    Low Level Recording

    Run modes
    Keyword and Expert view
    Debugging modes

    Wait Property
    Increasing tool default synchronization time

    Data Tables


    Transaction Points
    Output Values

    Object Identification in QTP/ UFT

    Object Repository (OR) Types


    Object Repository Manager
    Object Spy
    Mandatory and Assistive Property
    Smart Identification
    Ordinal Identifiers
    Test Objects and Runtime Objects
    GetToproperty, GetROproperty, SetToproperty

    Check Points

    Check Points
    Types of Check Points


    Actions Vs Functions
    Types of Actions
    Spliting Action


    Data table
    Environment Variable
    Random Number
    Action Parameterization

    Regular Expressions

    Regular Expression and types
    Using Regex Object
    Usage of Regular Expressions in OR and DP

    Descriptive Programming (DP)

    Descriptive Programming Advantages
    Static DP & Dynamic DP
    Descriptive Programming Vs Object Repository

    Exception Handling

    Recovery Scenarios
    Err Object

    Results Viewer

    Results Details
    Reporter object

    User Defined Functions

    Creating Functions
    Function Libraries
    Associating Library Files at run time

    Data Tables Object

    Local Data table
    Global Data table

    Database Connectivity

    Using ADODB object
    Insert, Update and Delete Records from MS Access

    Automation Object Model

    QTP/ UFT  Object Model
    Configuring Run Settings programmatically

    Automation Frameworks

    Linear Framework
    Data Driven Framework
    Modular Framework
    Keyword Driven Framework
    Hybrid Framework
    Pros and Cons of various Frameworks

    Introduction to Quality Center (QC)


    What are Requirements?
    Requirements in Test Director
    Customizing Requirements
    Requirement Details
    Dealing with Test Cases

    Test Plan

    What is a Test Case?
    Test Plan Tree
    Test Cases
    Automated Test Cases

    Test Lab

    What is a Test Set?
    Create a Test Set
    Executing Manual Test Cases
    Executing Automated Tests
    Test Run Properties


    What is a Defect?
    Adding Defects
    Status Flow
    Defect Grid

    Post completion of this training students can go for QTP(UFT) certification by HP. This is meant for QuickTest professionals who wish to gain mastery in Testing tools by HP called QuickTest. This helps them get recognized in the automation jobs market.
    All trainers are the real time industry experts having more than 10+ experience. They help students to get the real understanding of cocepts from live projects.
    Interview questions, assignments & reference documents are provided to make sure student gets to understanding of entire QTP/UFT and releated automation ecosystem.
    Course contents designed by trainers is based on the actual project requirements and industry demands.
    Post completion of this training you can gain the knowledge of at least 3+ years in QTP/UFT.
    Radical Technologies offers this training from industry experts having more than 10+ years of hands on experience in respective field. This helps students to understand and learn actual project scenarios while going through training. 
    All course contents are 100%job oriented + with hands on all concepts.
    Training includes:
    Automation Framework on live projects
    Also each module taken in the class would have -assingments, interview questions & reference documents
    Institute has sound infrastructure and facilities to motivate students while completing this training.
    Post completation of this training students can go for QTP(UFT) certification by HP. This is meant for QuickTest professionals who wish to gain mastery in Testing tools by HP called QuickTest. This helps them get recongnised in the automation jobs market.
    Once Sudents understand QTP-UFT & automation framework they can easicaly learn any other automation-Selectium, WebServices tools in future. 
    Most of the BFS domain(Investment Banks) use QTP-UFT product for automation. 

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