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    Powershell Advance Scripting

    Core Concepts of Powershell

    • Powershell Help System
    • Concept of Pipeline
    • Powershell PSProvider
    • Formatting System
    • Windows management Instrumentation
    • Filtering and Comparison
    • Arrays and Hashtable
    • Powershell Scripting

    Scripting Overview

    • Get Started with Scripting Overview
    • Understanding the Use of Scope
    • Use the If Construct to make decisions
    • Use Do/While/Until to repeat the commands
    • Use foreach to enumerate objects
    • Use for Construct to repeat the commands
    • Find help for other scripting construct

    Powershell Advanced Function

    • Use Powershell Advanced Functions
    • Specify functions capabilities
    • Specify usage for a functions
    • Create a function skeleton
    • Declare parameters in a function
    • Test the functions parameters
    • Write a main code for a function
    • Add verbose output to a function
    • Implement logging in function
    • Test completed functions

    More capabilities for advanced function

    • Discover other advanced functions
    • Add debugging features to a function
    • Validate user input to a function
    • Add support for –confirm and –whatif

    Handle Errors

    • Handling Errors
    • Add error handling to a function


    • Debugging any errors
    • Deal with typos and syntax errors
    • Deal with mis-constructed constructs
    • Add trace code to debug logic errors
    • Debug wit psbreakpoints

    Format Custom Views

    • Format Custom Views
    • Use default views as a starting point
    • Add a type to custom output object
    • Create and use the xml view file

    Scripts and Manifest Modules

    • Use scripts and manifest modules
    • Turn script in to a script module
    • Create module manifest for multiple modules
    • Add a module-level setting variable

    Writing Help

    • Write Help
    • Create Comment based help in module

    Introduction to Desired state configuration

    • Understanding Desired State Configuration
    • Creating and deploying a DSC configuration
    • Understanding Pull and Push Deployment

    Practical Implementation with Active Directory, Azure

    • Automating Active directory
    • Automating Azure IAAS with Powershell

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