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Software Testing with Devops Masters Program

Technologies Included in MasterProgram
1 ) Java
2 ) Python
3 ) Manual Tesing
4 ) Selenium – Automation Testing With Latest Frameworks
5 ) Mobile Testing 
6 ) Performance Testing – Load Runner
7 ) Devops – Complete Life Cycle
Duration :- 8 Months Training + Next 4 Months Interview Preparations and Placements
Prerequisite : – Your Interest in Programming is the Prerequisite . Course will start from the very basics of programming and walk through all advanced features. 
Who Should Take this Course : – Freshers to 5 year Exp people working on programming or interested in programming .
Each program Include :- 



Job Oriented Scenarios 

Global Certification Preparations 

Interview Preparation and Mock Sessions 

Curriculum Content 

Core Java
It lays the foundation in terms of rich concepts and unique style of implementation, setting a benchmark in the industry.

Being an open-source, many technologies like Selenium, Hadoop, Sales Force and Data analytics have based their implementation on Java.• It is basically used to build stand-alone applications.

Introduction To Java | Language Fundamentals | Basic Language Elements |Object Oriented Programming |Package |Extending Classes and Inheritance|Exception Handling|Array & String|Collection Framework|Thread| Applet|Collection of Useful Classes|Networking Programming|Database Programming using JDBC|GUI Programming|Event Handling|New features in Java|Introduction to J2EE
 Java Projects Included : 2

30+ Assignments 

POC : 5

40+  Job Oriented Scenarios

Interview Preparations And Mock Tests :- 20 Hour



Python is a widely used general-purpose, high-level programming language. Python supports multiple programming paradigms, including object-oriented, imperative and functional programming or procedural styles. It features a dynamic type system and automatic memory management and has a large and comprehensive standard library.The official repository of third-party software for Python contains more than 38,000 packages covering a wide range of functionality. 

Introduction | Variables & Data Types | Conditional Statements & Loops |  Control Statements | Functions |   Modules & Packages | Classes & Objects | Files & Exception Handling | Getting started with Python Libraries | OS | NumPy Arrays | Working with Pandas | Data Loading,Storage and file format | Python Regular Expressions | Python Oracle Database Access | Python Multithreaded Programming 

Python  Projects Included : 2

30+ Assignments 


40+  Job Oriented Scenarios

Interview Preparations And Mock Tests :- 20 Hour

Manual Tesing  
Manual testing helps discover and record any software bugs or discrepancies related to the functionality of the product.Manual testing can be replaced by test automation. It is possible to record and playback manual steps and write automated test script(s) using Test automation tools. Although, test automation tools will only help execute test scripts written primarily for executing a particular specification and functionality. Test automation tools lack the ability of decision-making and recording any unscripted discrepancies during program execution.
Testing Fundamentals |  Testing throughout the software life cycle | Static Techniques | Test Design Techniques | Test Management |  Other Testing Types | Introducing Quality Center | Specifying Releases and Cycles |  Specifying Requirements | Planning Tests | Running Tests |  Adding and Tracking Defects 
 Manual Projects Included : 2

30+ Assignments 


40+  Job Oriented Scenarios

Interview Preparations And Mock Tests :- 20 Hour

Selenium – Automation Testing With Latest Frameworks
Selenium is a new generation automation testing tool to automate web based application/Mobile application.

It is also the core technology in countless other browser automation tools, APIs and frameworks

Automation need |Eclipse |TestNG|Basics of Selenium|Selenium IDE|Selenium Web-driver (3.0)|Advanced Selenium Web-driver|Selenium Grid|Automation Framework | Cucumber Implementation |Advanced Automation Framework | Cucumber   |

Selenium Projects Included : 2

30+ Assignments 


40+  Job Oriented Scenarios

Interview Preparations And Mock Tests :- 20 Hour


Introduction to DevOps |DevOps Concepts|DevOps Tools|Chef|Puppet|Docker|Ansible|Maven|Jenkins|GitHub|Jenkins|Nagios|Jira|Kubernetes|How to choose the right DevOps tools|DevOps into Application|

Devops Projects Included : 2

30+ Assignments 


40+ Job Oriented Scenarios

Interview Preparations And Mock Tests :- 30 Hour


Loan Facility :- Available

Mode of Payment :- Credit Card ( EMI Options Available on Selected Cards )

100% Job Guaranteed Program

Selection Process : – Depends upon Aptitude and Communication Test Score 

Global Certification Included :- Yes 

Duration:-  8 Months Training and after that Interview Preparations and Giving Interviews

Conditional Offer Letter After Initial Selection Process

Course Completion , Intership and Experience Certificate according to Projects Implemented.

Candidate can join at any time . After Initial Basic Level Course , they can sit in Any weekend or Weekdays batches and continue.

Any Graduate who wants to come into IT and Interested in Programming can join this course .

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