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    Cisco UCS L1, L2, L3 Training in Pune by Industry Experts

    Cisco Duration of Training : 6 Weekends 

    CISCO UCS Course Content L1 / L2 / L3

    1  Why Cisco UCS

    2  Architecture Cisco UCS

    3  Physical connectivity of Cisco UCS – Live Demo in our Data Center

    4  Components  Cisco UCS

    • Describe the Cisco UCS chassis 5108
    • Describe the Fabric Interconnect 6100 / 6200
    • Describe the Cisco UCS 2204/2208XP IOM architecture including CMC, I/O MUX, and chassis management switch
    • Describe the Cisco UCS 2104XP IO module architecture including CMC, I/O MUX, and chassis management switch
    • Describe the features of the Cisco UCS VIC 1280 and VIC 1240
    • Compare the number of virtual interfaces available on the Cisco UCS M81KR VIC and the VIC 1280
    • Describe new mezzanine cards including M51, M61, and M72
    • Describe the Cisco Integrated Management Controller management component of the BSeries blades
    • Describe the creation of port channels from the Cisco UCS 6200 Series Fabric Interconnect to the 2204/2208XP IOM
    • Describe the chassis discovery process and monitor using the FSM
    • Configure the chassis discovery policy 

    5  Inessential Setup & Configuration of Fabric Interconnect with HA mode

    6 Types of Ports with cable types

    • Server Port
    • Uplink Port
    • San Port
    • Appliance Port
    • FCOE Port
    • Creation of port channel 

    7 Provisioning Resource Pools in Cisco UCS Manager

    • Provision server pools
    • Provision UUID pools
    • Provision MAC pools
    • Provision WWNN pools
    • Provision WWPN pools
    • Provision iSCSI initiator pools 

    8 VLAN Crestion 

    9 Provisioning Service Profiles from Templates in Cisco UCS Manager

    • Describe the requirements of service profile templates
    • Describe the difference between initial templates and updating templates, including
    • operational caveats
    • Provision a vNIC template using the template wizard
    • Provision a vHBA template using the template wizard
    • Provision a service profile template using the template wizard
    • Provision multiple servers from a service profile template
    • Clone a service profile 

    10 OS Installation on UCS Blade 

    • Map virtual media to the ESXi installer ISO image
    • Install ESXi on the local RAID array
    • Boot ESXi from the local RAID array
    • Configure a management IP address for the ESXi server
    • Connect to the ESXi server with the VMware vSphere Client utility and connect to the
    • VMware File System shared storage LUN on the Fibre Channel storage system 

    11 Implementing Backup, Import, and Restore of the Cisco UCS Manager Database 

    • Differentiate between an import operation and a disaster recovery restore operation
    • Implement a backup job
    • Implement backup jobs to preserve abstracted identities
    • Verify that the backup is created and executed
    • Implement an import job to restore the AAA user database
    • Verify that the AAA user database is restored
    • Configure the Cisco UCS 6100/6200 Series Fabric Interconnect for disaster recovery restore


    12 Managing and Upgrading Cisco UCS B-Series Firmware 

    • Describe where to find Cisco UCS firmware packages on
    • Update Cisco UCS firmware
    • Direct upgrade of mezzanine adapter, Cisco Integrated Management Controller, and IOM firmware
    • Describe software updates on the fabric interconnect
    • Describe the requirement for firmware updates via host firmware packages in the service
    • profile
    • Describe the differences between the firmware processes of Cisco UCS fabric interconnect
    • and IOM, Cisco Integrated Management Controller, and adapter
    • Describe how to update and activate the hardware capability catalog


    13 Implementing RBAC

    • Implement local users, roles, and privileges
    • Implement organizations and locales
    • Describe the effective rights of a user as an intersection of roles and locales mapped to a user
    • Implement LDAP providers and provider groups
    • Implement LDAP (Microsoft Active Directory) as an external authentication and
    • authorization service
    • Implement Cisco UCS roles mapping to LDAP (Active Directory) attributes with LDAP provider maps 

    15 Implementing High Availability 

    • High availability connectivity of Fabric interconnects
    • Cisco UCS regarding high availability
    • How to configure high availability
    • How to manage high availability

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