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Best Sun Solaris Training in Bangalore.

Projects & Scenario based Training on Solaris 11

Sun Solaris Training Duration : 8 weekends



The #1 enterprise-class UNIX OS, the Solaris Operating System for SPARC®, x86 and AMD Opteron systems redefines the operating system as a services platform by combining traditional OS functionality with application services and identity management.

The Solaris OS can deliver the security; manageability and performance that IT professionals need to help increase service levels and decrease costs and risk. Solaris x86 systems has gained rapid industry momentum over the past year, with more than 850,000 registered licenses to date and more than 900 solutions available for Solaris9 x86 through approximately 600 ISVs.

Solaris, also identified as Sun Solaris is developed by Sun Microsystems. It is a Unix Operating System. They had another version by name SunOS in 1992, which was surpassed by Sun Solaris 10. Since Oracle acquired it in January 2010, it has a new name which is Oracle Solaris instead of Sun Solaris.

Sun Solaris 11 Course Syllabus

Sun Solaris Part I

Chapter 1: Introduction to Solaris (Includes earlier versions)

Chapter 2: package administration

Chapter 3: patch administration

Chapter 4: user administration

Chapter 5: security administration

Chapter 6: os installation & configuration

Chapter 7: file system administration

Chapter 8: boot and shutdown process

Chapter 9: process controlling

Chapter 10: printer services

Chapter 11: backup & restore activity

Chapter 12: snapshot on mounted file system

Chapter 13: boot prom commands

Chapter 11: backup & restore activity

Sun Solaris Part II

Chapter 1: Network Interface configuration and administration

Chapter 2: Introduction to Client server model

Chapter 3: Describe the Solaris Management Console

Chapter 4: Managing Swap

Chapter 5: Managing crash dump and Core file configuration

Chapter 6: NFS administration and configuration

Chapter 7: AutoFS administration

Chapter 8: Introduction to RAID and Solaris Volume Manager Software

Chapter 9: Administering and Configuring Solaris volume Manager

Chapter 10: Role Based Access Control (RBAC)

Chapter 11: Configuring System messaging

Chapter 12: Naming service and Configuration Includes Name service clients

Chapter 13: Configuring NIS

Chapter 14: SMF configuration & administration

Chapter 15. Real time troubleshooting scenarios.

Chapter 16. Ticket handling, Change management.

Chapter 17. Introduction to VCS and VXVM

Chapter 18. Overview of Storage Area Network connectivity with Solaris

Chapter 19: Introduction to LDOM

Chapter 20: Introduction to different Oracle Hardware


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