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UNIX and Advanced Shell Scripting 

Best  Shell Scripting Training in Bangalore

Unix Shell scripting with 50+ Assignments.

Shell Scripting Training by 10+yrs Exp. Trainers from Industry.

Shell Scripting Training Duration: 4 weekends

UNIX Basics and Shell Scripting

UNIX is a multitasking, multi-user computer operating system that exists in many variants. UNIX is the oldest and most secure operating system architecture present today. Linux/Unix is still used today in a lot of servers. Almost 80% of the websites are running on UNIX servers.

Shell Scripting Introduction

Unix uses shells to accept commands given by the user, there are quite a few different shells available. The most commonly used shells are SH(Bourne SHell) CSH(C SHell) and KSH(Korn SHell), most of the other shells you encounter will be variants of these shells and will share the same syntax, KSH is based on SH and so is BASH(Bourne again shell). TCSH(Extended C SHell) is based on CSH.

The various shells all have built in functions which allow for the creation of shell scripts, that is, the stringing together of shell commands and constructs to automate what can be automated in order to make life easier for the user.

For whom UNIX/LINUX is?

In short for everyone, doesn’t matter if you are a developer, manual tester, support professional or Manager, if you are in the IT industry UNIX is must for you!

Why more than 90% of company software’s, web servers run on UNIX OS?

UNIX is the oldest and most secure operating system present today. UNIX architecture is definitely more robust, secure and reliable than that of Windows, All Linux distributions, Free BSD, HP-UX by HP, AIX by IBM, Solaris by Oracle, and Mac OSX by Apple are purely UNIX based operating systems.

Why UNIX is useful (in Trainer words)?

UNIX knowledge is very useful for any IT professionals. People spend lot of time on working on some specific task in Microsoft environment it can be done in a few seconds by using existing UNIX commands, utility or writing a 4 lines of shell script.

UNIX knowledge is necessary. In many fields of the IT business, critical stuff, servers, applications relies on UNIX systems. Many servers/super-computers/appliances/devices/etc have a UNIX core.

UNIX knowledge is not hard. This is by design. That doesn’t mean everyone can be a UNIX guru in a couple weeks, far from that. But all, and by that I mean all, the information you need is available.

UNIX knowledge is efficient. Replacing a 5K LoC application with 3 piped commands, and improving the performances at the same time is always nice.

UNIX knowledge is fun. It’s actually hard to tell you why, but it sure is … in a geeky way. :)

Who use UNIX?

  • In Short,  Everyone in IT company and every project

Can I learn UNIX system and shell scripting if I’m not from programming background?


Anyone can learn UNIX, whether they are from Networking, Administration, manual testing or may be from IT support.

What is the job trend in UNIX?

UNIX, LINUX knowledge essentially require in any job interview.

Whether it’s a Java interview, Informatica, database developer, administrator or manual testing requirement UNIX is must.

Shell Scripting Training Syllabus:


Understand the architecture of UNIX.

Understanding the basics of UNIX

File Systems for synchronize storage of files

Details explanation of file attributes

Basic commands and concepts

Command Manuals

Relative and Absolute Paths

Environment variables

Understand parent-child relationship of process and jobs

Basic of editor: vi

Module 1 Assignments

Module 2

Shell Introduction

Advantages of the Shell

Executing shell commands

Different types of shell

What is shell Scripting?

Writing basics shell scripts

Interpolation, Types of variables, Operators, read variables, exit status etc

Common commands used in shell script: substitution, quoting,  flow controls, parameters, Shell initialization files,  Quoting characters, Shell expansion,  Aliases

Shell scripting execution

 Module 2 Assignments


Special Variables and Parameters

Function Introduction

Understand how functions use as independent building blocks

Scope of variable in functions – local & global

Input/output redirection

Variables substitution in shell

Connect to third party application like: Oracle, FTP etc.

HERE documents

Regular Expressions in detail (use grep, awk, sed)

Industry experience sample scripts debugging

Standard process of writing shell scripts as per company standards.

Module 3 Assignments


Important commands and utilities like cut, sort, uniq, grep, find, awk, sed etc

nohup and backend processes

Signals handling and trapping

SED Utility in detail

GREP Utility in detail

FIND Utility in detail

AWK utility in detail

Famous and often use cases with one liner examples

Module 4 Assignments


Assigning values to positional parameters

Compress and archive the files

Debug your shell Scripts

Crontab and at utilities for job scheduling

Job scheduling third party tools discussion 

Additional Benefits:

  • We provide real time scenarios examples, how to work in real time projects
  • We guide for resume preparation by giving sample resume
  • Will give you 2 POC (proof Of Concept) with Data set so that you can practice before going for interview
  • In 4 weeks training we provide study material’s soft copy and hard copy in classroom itself
  • We provide hands –on in class room itself so that you can understand concepts 100%
  • We give assignments for weekdays practice
  • Assignment on each important Topics
  • Interview and resume preparation
  • Discussion on Real Time Scenarios
Student Rating for Shell Scripting
Duration of Training : 5 weekends
Unix Shell Scripting
Written by: Gaurav Wagmare
Date Published: 10/16/2015
Excellent Training in shell scripting.Very supportive Faculty and got real time hands on the tool. provide good training material and helped for interview prep as well. I really have a very good experience with Radical . keep up the good work
5 / 5 stars

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