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Course Duration: 6 weekends

In short, SharePoint 2013 is a browser-based collaboration, or an extensible platform for creating sites within the intranet environment which is developed by Microsoft. The previous two versions are MOSS 2007 and SharePoint 2010.This is latest version of SharePoint that is currently present in the market. The main features of SharePoint 2013 are UI – A very Rich UI compared to previous versions, Social Computing – A feature which helps in creating a Facebook like environment within your corporate portal, Search – A feature which allows you to create a private search engine for the sites, generating SharePoint apps that you will be creating within the SharePoint.

SharePoint is built on .Net API and is considered as one of the best tools for creating Web Portals. So, today 2 out of 3 corporate companies have SharePoint tool, creating opportunities for not only technical professionals like .NET developer, system administrator but also business consultant or designers. Many companies are hiring SharePoint administrators and developers to work with them. Radical Technologies have trainers who are well experienced on all the versions of SharePoint, and can effortlessly teach freshers and those who want to migrate from one version to other.


General Introduction

  • What is IIS
  • IIS Website & Web Application
  • Steps to Create Multiple Website on Port 80
  • What is Application Pool
  • What is AppDomain
  • What is ISAPI Filter / Extension
  • Web Garden & Web Farm
  • HTTPS and SSL
  • Active Directory users and groups creation

Introduction to SharePoint 2013

  • What is SharePoint
  • High Level Features
  • Six Pillars of SharePoint 2013
  • Version History of SharePoint • Role of SharePoint Server in LAN.
  • Components in SharePoint • Developers Onion View of SharePoint.

SharePoint as a Developer platform

  • Hardware & Software Requirements
  • Supported Browser
  • Types of Installation
  • Software’s to be Installed
  • Central Administration Site
  • Managed Accounts

SharePoint Site Hierarchy

  • SharePoint Site Hierarchy
  • Web Application
  • Site Collection
  • Creating Site and Sub Site • SharePoint site Home Page.
  • Branding Site Look and Feel
  • Working with Quota Templates
  • Save Site as Template
  • Create Site from Template

Introduction to Apps SharePoint 2013

  • Overview of Apps
  • Create Custom List
  • Add Custom Columns
  • Site Columns and Groups
  • Sort and Filter List
  • Create / Manage List View
  • Content Type
  • List Template
  • Versioning of Data
  • Metadata Navigation Settings
  • List Throttling

Builtin Apps Configuration –  List & Libraries

  • Predefined List Apps •       Predefined Library Apps.
  • Editing  Document properties
  • Version Settings
  • Check out, edit, and check in files.
  • Create folders and navigate between them
  • Adding Documents
  • Library as Template

Server Object Model

  • Using Microsoft.SharePoint.DLL
  • Site Architecture and Object Overview
  • SPWebApplication, SPSite, SPWeb, SPList and more…
  • Sample Programs to understand the Object Model

Client Object Model

  1. Managed Object Model
  2. Silverlight Client Object Model
  3. Javascript Client Object Model
  4. Using SharePoint Web Services in Client Application

SharePoint Tools for Visual Studio 2013

  1. Visual Studio Project templates for SharePoint 2013
  2. Server Explorer, Feature Designer, Package Explorer
  3. Building and Deploying Solutions in Visual Studio 2013 for SharePoint 2013


  • SharePoint Root Directory
  • Features Overview
  • Features Scope
  • Create a new feature and Deploying Features using VS2012
  • Feature Events
  • Manage SharePoint Solution (WSP) using PowerShell Commands

Event Receivers

  • Event Handlers – Before events and After Events.
  • Event receiver base classes.
  • Registering Event Handlers
  • Example of Before Events
  • Programming After Events

Working with WebParts

  • Building a Simple Web Part
  • Persisting Properties
  • Editing Properties in Editor WebPart
  • Developing Custom Editor WebPart
  • Composite Web Part
  • Visual Web Part
  • Web Part Communication.
  • Build and Deploy the Sandboxed Solution.
  • Using Windows PowerShell for Administration Sandboxed Solutions.

Business Connectivity Service

  • Creating a BDC Project in VS.NET
  • Working with Entities and Methods
  • Type Descriptor
  • Using Data in External List
  • Granting Permissions to the BDC List.


  • What is Workflow
  • SharePoint Workflows o 3- State Workflow o Approval Workflow
  • Custom Workflow: Role of Visio 2010, SharePoint Designer 2010 and VS-2010 o Building Workflow with Visio 2010

o Building Workflow with SharePoint Designer 2010 o Developing Workflow with Visual Studio 2010 o Adding Association Forms in Visual Studio 2010

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