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Sharepoint 2013 Administrator Training in Bangalore

Sharepoint Training by Industry Experts

Duration of Training: 6 weekends

Course Content

About Sharepoint 2013

  • Sharepoint version history
  • Sharepoint 2013 capabilities
  • Significant changes from sharepoint 2010
  • Sharepoint farm topologies & Architecture
  • Hardware & software prerequisites for sharepoint 2013

Software Installation and configuration

  • Hardware & Software Requirements
  • Install and configure Windows server 2008 r2 service pack1/ windows server 2012
  • Install active directory domain services
  • Install sql server 2008 r2 service pack 1/ sql server 2012
  • Install & configure sharepoint server 2013

Sharepoint site hierarchy

  • Creating Web application
  • Creating sitecollection
  • Creating list
  • Managing list columns and views
  • Using site columns, lookup fields
  • Check in/ check out and versioning settings for document library

Managing wikis, blogs and surveys

  • Blogs
  • Survey
  • Discussion board

Security and permission

  • Permission settings at site collection, sub sites list and item level
  • Configuring custom permission
  • Stop parent permissions
  • App identity

Managing web application

  • Web application settings
  • Content database
  • IIS websites

Managing Site collection and databases

  • Site collection and database quota
  • Add multiple content databases with single web application
  • Creating group and assigning permission accordingly

Enterprise managed metadata services and user profile services

  • Creating terms and term stores
  • Using managed metadata in lists in libraries
  • User profile service configuration
  • User profile properties management
  • Synchronization services
  • My sites

Sharepoint designer

  • Installation of sharepoint designer 2013
  • Creating and opening site in sharepoint designer 2013
  • Creating and opening  List/ library in sharepoint 2013

Search service application

  • Search service application overview
  • Site search configuration
  • Result types
  • Query rules
  • Search webparts

Backup and restore

  • Overview of Backup options
  • Farm/ site backup and restore
  • Content backup and restore
  • Granular Backup of site collection

Upgrade and migration

  • Migration path and approaches
  • DB attach migration


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