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About SharePoint 2013
1. SharePoint version history
2. SharePoint farm topologies & Architecture
3. Hardware & software prerequisites for SharePoint 2013
4. SharePoint 2013 capabilities arePoint 2013
Environmental Setup
1. Windows server 2008 R2 sp1
2. SQL Server 2008 R2 sp1
3. Active Directory
4. SharePoint 2013
SharePoint site hierarchy
1. Creating Web application
2. Creating site collection
3. Creating list
4. Managing list columns and views
5. Using site columns, lookup fields
6. Check in/ check out and versioning settings for document library
Managing wikis, blogs and surveys
1. Blogs
2. Survey
3. Discussion board
Security and permission
1. Permission settings at site collection, sub sites list and item level
2. Configuring custom permission
3. Stop parent permissions
Enterprise managed metadata services and user profile services
1. Creating terms and term stores
2. Using managed metadata in lists in libraries
3. User profile service configuration
4. User profile properties management
1. What is PowerShell
2. Stsadm command and PowerShell
3. PowerShell script and use of PowerShell_ISE
SharePoint Tools for Visual Studio 2013
1. Visual Studio Project templates for SharePoint 2013
2. Server Explorer
3. Feature Designer
4. Building and Deploying Solutions in Visual Studio 2013 for SharePoint 2013
Server Object Model
1. Using Microsoft.SharePoint.DLL
2. Site Architecture and Object Overview
3. SPWebApplication, SPSite, SPWeb, SPList and more…
4. Sample Programs to understand the Object Model
Client Object Model
1. Managed object model
2. JavaScript client object model
Event Receivers
1. Event Handlers – Before events and After Events.
2. Event receiver base classes
3. Examples of Event receiver
Working with Web Parts
1. Building a Simple visual web Part
2. Editing Properties in Editor Web Part
3. Sandbox and farm solutions
SharePoint Designer
1. Installation of SharePoint designer 2013
2. Creating and opening site in SharePoint designer 2013
3. Creating and opening List/ library in SharePoint 2013
Business Connectivity Service
1. Creating business data connectivity services using SharePoint designer
2. Using Data in External List
1. What is Workflow
2. SharePoint Workflows
3. Building workflow using SharePoint designer
Upgrade and migration
1. Pre and post migration scenarios
2. Recommended approach
3. Version Feasibility
4. Database approach
1. Apps overview
2. Environment setup
3. Why Apps
Office 365
1. What is office 365
2. Create account in office 365
3. Online PowerShell
4. Run commands for online SharePoint
Interview Q&A
Discussion Of Interview Question and Answers


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