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ServiceNow Syllabus

A)   Snow Admin Course Topics:

Duration  : 3 days

1) Core Configuration

–Configure Navigation, Search and UI Options

–Manage Lists, Filters, and Forms

–UI Policies, Data Policies, UI Actions, Business Rules and Client Scripts

–Use the ServiceNow Mobile Platform

–Activate Plugins

2) User Administration

–Configure User Accounts

–Add Groups and Assign Users to Groups

–Assign Roles

3) Manage Data with tables and CMDB

–Learn How to Manage Data with Tables

–Work with the CMDB to add New Configuration Items (CIs)

4) Manage Data with Import Set and Update Set

–Work with Import Sets

–Create and Apply Update Sets

5) Process Application

–Work with Knowledge Base

–Create and Populate Service Catalog Items and Order Guide

6) Core Application Administration

–Set up Email Notifications and SMS Alerts

–Learn about Upgrade Process and Release Cycle

–Implement Contextual Application Security

–Record Baseline Performance Statistics

7)Service Administration

–Create and Modify Reports

–Create and Apply SLAs

–Customize and Brand Your Instance

–Use Social IT Capabilities


B)   ServiceNow Scripting and Implementation training topics :

Duration :  5 days

1)Scripting and APIs

   Client Side Scripting

Client Script

UI Policies Basic

UI policies Scripting

UI Script

User Scripting

Server Side Scripting

Business Rule

Script Include

Server Side UI Action

UI Actions advance


UI Macro

2)Setting up Email Notification:

Scripting in emails.

3)Implementation of Service‐Level Management

Design SLA Framework

Monitor SLAs

Revise SLAs/OLAs

Schedule SLA and Scripting on SLA

4)Platform Administration:

Plug‐in Maintenance

Exporting Data

Migration Using Update Sets (working with One or more update sets)

Practical of all above and Workshop.


C)   ServiceNow Advanced adminstration and training topics :

Duration : 4 days

Review of Service Now Engagement Methodology

Core System Setup including CMDB

Application Security

Integrations including introduction to LDAP and Web Services

Hands-on Implementation based on functional requirements

Go-live preparation and checklist

Performance and Coding best practices


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