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Our Courses


    SAP Business Objects and development Training in Pune with Industry Experts

    SAP BO Administration  

    Course Duration: 20 hours


    Architectural Overview

    • Client tier components
    • Application tier components
    • Intelligence tier
    • Processing tier
    • Data tier
    • Security management
    • Information flow 

    Installation and configuration

    • Installation and configuration of SAP BO
    • Types of Installation

    Administration, Monitoring and Security

    • User security and management
    • Scheduling, Publication
    • Monitoring with the help of watch metrics
    • Auditing
    • Commentary
    • CMC and BI Launchpad
    • Server management and sizing
    • Authentication- Windows Ad, LDAP


    • Configuring of Audit db
    • Configuring of CMS db
    • Configuring of Monitoring db

    Tomcat configuration

    Tomcat configuration and Installation 

    Security Implementation

    • Creating Secured users & group
    • Creation secured connections
    • Creation of Secured objects
    • Creation of security at Table, Column &row level
    • Creation of secured restriction set and mapping to users or groups

    Upgrade management Tool/Promotion Management Tool

    • Using UMT
    • Creation of BIAR
    • Migrating /Promotion of the BO objects
    • From one CMS TO ANOTHER CMS
    • Migrating the objects from one
    • domain to another (dev/stage/Prod)
    • Backup & Maintenance Deployment 

    How To Use & Leverage Bo Extension Points In Business Objects

    • Comparison of all BO Versions (3.x/ 4.x)
    • Performance Tuning of Database w.r.t BO
    • Installation of BOXI 4.x suite with System/Audit/Performance mgmt repositories
    • Using Oracle/SQLSERVER/SAPBW
    • Testing & Migration of BO components from Dev/Stage/Production environment

    Troubleshooting tools

    • Wireshark
    • Logs and tracing


    SAP BO Development        

    Course Duration: 30 hours

    Database Concepts Needed For Data Warehousing

    • Joins & Cardinality
    • Views/Materialized Views
    • Date/Time Functions

    Architectural Overview

    • Client tier components
    • Application tier components
    • Intelligence tier
    • Processing tier
    • Data tier
    • Security management
    • Information flow

    Universe Design Tool and Information Design Tool

    • Understanding Business Objects Universes
    • Creating the Course Universe
    • Building the Universe Structure
    • Creating Dimension Objects
    • Creating Measure Objects
    • Resolving Loops in a Universe
    • Resolving SQL Traps
    • Using List of Values
    • Applying Restrictions on Objects
    • Using @Functions with Objects
    • Using Hierarchies
    • Deriving Tables & Indexes
    • Working with Aggregate Awareness
    • Designing Advanced Objects
    • LOVs & Joins
    • Securing Universes
    • Maintaining & Optimizing Universes
    • Creating Universe from Other Data sources

    Web Intelligence

    • Understand concepts of Web intelligence
    • Create Web Intelligence documents with Queries
    • Restrict data returned by a query
    • Design a report
    • Enhance the presentation of data in reports
    • Format a report
    • Calculate data with formulas and variables
    • Use multiple data sources
    • Analyze data
    • Manage and share Web Intelligence documents
    • Work with Advanced Query techniques
    • Work with calculation contexts
    • Create formulas with character & date string functions
    • Work with additional reporting techniques
    • Create hyperlinks

    Crystal Reports

    • Planning a Report
    • Selecting Records
    • Formatting a Report
    • Representing Data Visually
    • Distributing Reports
    • Creating Basic Formulas
    • Organizing Data on a Report
    • Applying Section Formatting
    • Applying Conditional Reporting
    • Using the Repository
    • Creating Formulas
    • Using Report Sections
    • Managing Reports
    • Presenting Data Visually
    • Add hyperlinks to a report

    Webi-Rich Client

    • Installing Web Intelligence Rich Client
    • Web Intelligence Rich Client working modes
    • Launching Web Intelligence Rich Client
    • To set user preferences in Web Intelligence Rich Client
    • Working with documents
    • Working with universes in Web Intelligence Rich Client
    • Accessing Web Intelligence from Info View
    • Working with queries in Web Intelligence Rich Client
    • Working with reports

    Universe Builder & Query Builder

    • Universe Builder basics
    • Building universes from XML metadata sources


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