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Best Perl Scripting Training in Bangalore.

Perl Scripting Training by Highly Experienced Trainers from Industry

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Wide Range of Projects & Realtime Scenarios Available.

Perl has evolved from its beginnings as scripting tool for UNIX administrators into one of the most popular, influential, and widely used computer languages in history. In this course, you will learn how to fully utilize the Perl programming language.


Application programmers, automation engineer, testers, system administrators, web-crawlers and UNIX/NT power users.


Basic of UNIX or Windows.


Perl Scripting Training Syllabus
Day 1 – Expert List Manipulation
Perl Fundamentals
Scalar, Lists, Arrays and hashes
Operators Context
Initializing Arrays and Hashes
User Input
Important Scalar, Array and Hash functions

Day 2 – Control Statements and Subroutine
Control flow statements
Subroutine Prototypes
Control Loops
Introduction to special variables

Day 3 – Files and Files handling
Basic and File I/O
File handlers
Advanced File Processing with Perl
Die, exit and warn functions
Working with Operation system with Perl
Test files
Accessing directories
Eval statements

Day 4 – Regular expressions
The Regular Expression Bestiary
Pattern-Matching Operators
Meta characters and Meta symbols
Character Classes
Grouping and Capturing
Staying in Control
Fancy Pattern
Advanced Perl Regular Expressions

Day 5 – Advance Perl
Perl reference
Quoting Operator
Block references and lexical scoping
Perl Data Structures
Saving Data Structures

Day 6 – Object Oriented Perl
Object-Oriented Stuff
Making Perl Object- Oriented References
Review of Packages
Package Variables
The bless Function
Calling Methods
Object-Oriented Design
Object-Oriented Development

Day 7 – Object Oriented Perl
Library Modules
Importing Package Symbols Exporting Package Symbols
Laziness, Impatience, and Hubris
Using Modules
Installing a Perl Module
Introduction to DBI/DBD

  • Developer and Automation project
  • Assignment on each Topic
  • Interview and resume preparation
  • Discussion on Real Time Scenarios

Student Rating for Perl Scripting Training from Radical Technologies
Duration of Training : 6 weekends
Perl Scripting
Written by: Pavan Sharma
Date Published: 11/02/2015
Great experience working with Radical Technologies. Radical technologies provided me excellent training and support for Perl Scripting.Excellent Training I got and also Support after the course was excellent.I appreciate them to keep the quality for all niche skills in a reasonable price. Also encouraged me when ever I came up with real time doubts when I started working with these technologies. I loved it to be part of his training.....And Trainer, though I am from the different background , he tought me from fundamentals to very advanced level.Thanks for Radical.
5 / 5 stars

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