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IBM Infosphere Data stage and Quality stage contents
Duration of Training : 2 weekends
 Introduction about Data stage
 Difference between server jobs and Parallel jobs
 Pipeline parallelism and Partition Parallelism
 Partition Techniques
 Configuration file
 Processing Environment
 Data Stage Client and Server Components
Data stage Designer
 Introduction about Data stage Designer
 Types of Links
File Stages
 Sequential file
 Data set
 File set
 Lookup file set
Debugging Stages
 Column Generator
 Row Generator
Database Stages
 Oracle Enterprise
 ODBC Enterprise
 Dynamic RDBMS
 DB2 or UDB Enterprise
 DB2 Connector
 Dynamic RDBMS
 ODBC connector
Processing Stages
 Change Apply
 Change Capture
 Look up
 Remove Duplicate
 External Filter
 Surrogate Key Generator
Restructure Stages
 Column Import
 Column Export
Importing and Exporting Data stage components
 Importing the Jobs
 Exporting the Jobs
 Introduction about Data stage Manager
 Shared Containers
 Local containers
Job Sequence Stages:
 Job Activity
 Execute Command Activity
 Notification Activity
 Terminator Activity
 Wait for file Activity
 End Loop Activity
 Start loop Activity
Quality stage rule set files
Rule Set Files
 Classification Table
 Dictionary File
 Pattern Action File
 Reference Tables
 Override Tables
User Define Rule sets Creation process
Investigate Stage
 Character Discrete:
• Investigate Character Discrete with C Mask
• Character Discrete with T Mask
• Character Discrete with X Mask
 Character Concatenate:
 Word Investigate:
• Word Investigate for Full Name
• Word Investigate for Address
• Word Investigate for Area
Standardize Stage
• Standardize Country
• Standardize Domain Preprocessing
• Standardize Name
• Standardize Address
• Standardize Area
 Match Frequency Stage
 Data Rules stage
AVI (Address Verification Interface Stage)